The Perfect Marriage of Lean Six Sigma and the Radiology Industry Today: TRG-assist™

In today's health care industry, change is the only constant.
Radiology Departments are no exception.

Revolutions in technology and the emergence of virtual radiology groups have forever changed the way we do business. We run the race to keep on the cutting edge or we fall behind. It’s essential that the company we choose to meet our radiology needs can anticipate and respond to these – and future – challenges, while providing the highest quality medical care. Utilizing our proprietiary TRG-assist™ platform, we are able to employ the concept of Lean Six Sigma into radiology interpretation, optimizing its two most important elements of efficiency and impeccable quality.

The Radiology Group began with a desire to bring the human element back into radiology. Since then, we've completely changed the way radiologists offer their services. Today's radiology departments require complete flexibility, dependability and focus to meet the demands of their customers. We are a full-service company. We offer complete A-to-Z management services for radiology imaging centers at a fraction of the cost. Our innovative platform blends on-site and virtual radiologists trained in every subspecialty. Our mission is to put the right physician in front of the right exam, to streamline imaging center processes in order to raise the standards of health care imaging while lowering costs.