What Sets Us Apart

Customer Care

Everything we do at The Radiology Group circles around providing better services for our partners and their patients. The TeleHealth platform streamlines communication, increasing our speed – and customer happiness.


The Radiology Group takes an honest approach to both patient care and partnership. We prioritize accuracy and processes that help ensure our work upholds the highest standards in the industry.


In an industry with many moving parts, collaboration is key to better business practices for teleradiology companies. We work closely with our partners for aligned goals while fostering a close-knit culture among our employees.

Work-Life Balance

Our employees' mental health and job satisfaction are top priorities for us. We avoid industry burnout by emphasizing work-life balance at all levels of our business. When radiologists feel valued and supported, they are motivated to do better work.

Meet the Team

Senior Leadership

Dr. Anand Lalaji
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Tejal Lalaji
Chief Medical Officer