The Radiology Group’s Statement on Settlement

By: The Radiology Group March 29,2024


March 28, 2024

The Radiology Group, LLC (TRG) has reached a global settlement with federal and state agencies to resolve significantly dated allegations that arose out of claims submitted to the Medicare and Medicaid programs for certain teleradiology services furnished in 2012-2018. The case was originally filed under seal by two whistleblowers who worked at TRG for a brief period of time. The services at issue were in large part performed by a single radiologist who did not follow direction or appropriate protocols and was ultimately terminated. Other allegations arose from services and advice provided by TRG’s third-party billing company. This company was hired specifically to ensure that TRG claims were appropriate and payable under the circumstances. Unfortunately, TRG’s reliance on that billing company was misplaced as it failed TRG repeatedly. TRG is currently exploring all possible options available to it with respect to the billing company.

Unfortunately, the Radiology Group and its executive team trusted these experts in billing as well as their key employee at the time to set up a protocol that was compliant with CMS standards, and they failed to do so without informing the Radiology Group and its leadership team that the process was not occurring appropriately and/or that the process of billing was not compliant with standards.

TRG has always believed that it acted lawfully and responsibly. However, after nearly 6 years of investigation, TRG reached this settlement in order to avoid the delay, expense, and uncertainty of protracted litigation, and to allow TRG to focus its attention on providing the best patient care, including creating one of the first direct to patient teleradiology products available as well as its new AI Radiology Product adopted in several health systems within the USA.

Since 2019 and over the course of this prolonged process, TRG has spent a considerable amount of time and resources on improving its hiring of radiologists, compliance professionals, and outside vendors, ensuring that it is identifying and retaining only the best, most qualified partners as it continues to provide cutting-edge teleradiology services for clients throughout the country. It has also streamlined and invested in its workflow processes to ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations governing this critical service line.  As evidence of TRG’s commitment to compliance, this settlement did not require the company to adopt a corporate integrity agreement or other similar compliance oversight by outside agencies. TRG is pleased to move forward from this settlement so it can focus on best serving its clients and patients.