On-Site & Remote Reads

While we mostly operate in a remote teleradiology capacity, we also offer on-site radiology reading services for your added convenience.

Partial & Full-Time Coverage

Radiology services, your way: opt for partial or full-time coverage depending upon your facility size and medical needs.

Custom Structured Reports

Our radiology services ensure that every report comes back in a structured and consistent format that's based on a customized template for each individual exam type.

Preliminary & Final Reads

While many radiology services companies only provide preliminary reads, we offer both preliminary and final reads to fit your unique practice. All preliminary reports are posted on in-house rad signs the next morning.

Daytime Cloud Technology

To keep all our proprietary information organized, safe and readily available at moment's notice, we utilize daytime cloud technology.

Client Implementation

To facilitate a smooth transition, we utilize an implementation process for all new clients. This on-boarding process includes a guide that outlines everything from staff bios, hours and contact information.

Customized Clinical Coverage Options

We know that radiology needs don't subside when the sun sets or when businesses close for the evening. We offer both day and night coverage to fit all business models.

Radiologist Credentialing & Licensing

We hold all our radiologists to the highest industry standards. That's why we internally verify all on-site radiologists and teleradiologists to ensure creditability and reliability.


Hear From Our Community

MRI Imaging Center of Fresno/Northwest Imaging:

We had previously practiced radiology the same way for years, however, since we became a part of The Radiology Group, more efficiency in reads and processes have been implemented and we feel we are helping shape the future of radiology through these programs.

Gwinnett Clinic

The Radiology Group has proven to be extremely efficient in increasing our patient volume. Their expertise and ability to complete reads in a timely manner allow us to treat more patients. I would highly recommend them.


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