Technology Offerings

Artificial Intelligence

All TRG solutions are powered by leading artificial intelligence in radiology. Using real-time data, this AI technology helps us process copious amounts of information – while drawing important correlations to improve business operations and balance the often- heavy workload of radiologists. This creates efficiencies and enhances communication within our partnerships – whether we're on-site or working from afar.

TRG One Stop

For many small hospitals and rural clinics, bringing on a full-time radiologist isn’t feasible. That’s where we come in: The Radiology Group is a full-service on-site and teleradiology provider, offering interpretations, dictation, final reports – and processes along the way to ensure compliance. We implement teleradiology protocols that maximize efficiency and improve overall outcomes. It’s one provider – with a multi-faceted impact.

TRG Connect

Connectivity is important in a world of increasingly virtual communication and teleradiology services. TRG Connect enables us to remain in constant communication with our radiologists, partner organizations and physicians to ensure optimal productivity and satisfaction. Our TeleHealth platforms for patients, on- site clinicians and radiologists help remove the middleman to offer more direct communication.


TRG-assist® is our proprietary platform that incorporates the Six Sigma process to ensure compliance, lower overall costs and increase the number of reads performed. This eight-step process provides crucial checks and balances for radiologists and organizations, allowing both to experience greater peace of mind that comes with faster turnaround times – and up to 2,900% error rate improvement.


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